On Snacking and Opportunism

Yesterday was the toughest yet. I’ve been suffering from some fairly appalling mood swings which I am unsure whether to put down to a blood sugar imbalance or just internal emotional rebellion against the diet itself. As appalling as it sounds, I am not sure that I have ever stayed so long on a diet which I really thought was actually going to work. This is day 7 and I am definitely in in chartered territory. Everyday I am confronted with the reality that this is for good (or at least for the long time) and my body simultaneously sings jubilantly and plunges further into a funk. I’m fairly sure the blood sugar option is bonus – a quick sensationalist google search tells me as much so I am fairly certain that it’s my own stupid body rebelling against me trying to do some good. Despite working somewhere I don’t normally, I managed to arrange for a lovely leek and potato soup at my desk for lunch but had forgotten the untold miseries of not having an afternoon snack to keep me between lunch and dinner.

After that it took a minor blip to my evening commute (no credit on my Oyster card as I try and get on the bus – no amount of sweet smiling could persuade the driver to let me on anyway) to drive me to what must surely be amongst the very dregs of commuter eateries – the Cornish Pasty Company. Many a time I’ve passed by one of their concessions and wondered when, if ever, they bake fresh produce. I continue to marvel and some of the things they’ll stuff between two bits of pastry. And yet…

I went to the nearest station to top up my card and found the accused waiting for me, steps from the ticketing machine. Before I knew what was going on, I found myself inching towards the glowing hot cabinets, my eyes going wide at the prospect of a hot greasy delicious meat based pastry moving around and around my mouth – pincers to molars and back again, sucking in cool air over it all so that I could eat more of it before I came to my se-

Thank Christ a flock of pigeons came from nowhere and scared me off again. But it was close.

Today I have learned my lesson and have armed myself with 3 different “healthy” snacks.

To my feathered friends – stand down, soldiers