Coefficient of Friction

Telling anybody about this isn’t even an option- the whole concept of the book is way too weird to even say out loud. A blank diary that writes back? Crouched over the pages -head bobbing between feminism in Britain in the 1970s and feminist theory in the sociology section – Helen has to fling a look over her shoulder to check she hasn’t fallen into the Chamber of Secrets. 30 minutes later and she is perched on a step ladder, desperate sociology students flitting in and around her. Can I show you something? It asks. Helen leans forward, eyes glazing over as her answer blurs and sinks into the page. yeah, okay


4 thoughts on “Coefficient of Friction

  1. I really like the simplicity of this, leaving so much open to interpretation, it works very well. I’m not sure about the 30 minute jump – that feels a little clumsy, the sudden appearance of the students (why sociology specifically? is it a clue?), but the ending is pitched just right.

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