Wednesday Write-in #16.

“The tribe has spoken!” crows Lor. Her right hand holds her weapon, her left, the severed head of Elder Hela, the last survivor from the first group of settlers. Her eyes flutter and roll around in her head once, twice, more before settling skywards. The other women dance and shriek: it’s almost the full moon and, instinctively,  are responding compulsively at the sight of blood. The sand under their feet gives way under their weight  and pushes up to spill over their toes. Two hundred women’s arms shoot into the air, hot, frantic fire shadows slicing their new identities into their skin, dipping into the dark coarse spaces under their arms and between their legs. Their breasts swing in time with their collective heave towards the head, and away from it, towards and away, forward to pick it up and back to carry it right to the fire, right into the heart of their settlement. Their stomachs strain dangerously over the popping fat, skin and flesh. Their thighs rub together, hard and damp.

It’s been 80 years since the first two dozen women were marooned here.


5 thoughts on “Settlers

  1. neat little tale, with some strong imagery.I was a bit confused by the two “head” references in that first line, (I thought maybe the eyes were fluttering in the severed head on my first quick read) but got it on a slower second.

  2. I think you should try something new more often! This is fascinating, and as usual I want to know so much more about this world than you’re showing us. There are so many questions, such as how they’ve ended up there, and more importantly how they’ve been increasing their numbers. Some of the wording here is a bit confusing, as mentioned by the other commentors. It feels a bit like you’re rushing through the images, but it makes sense with the driving sensation of the action in the story. More please!

  3. I like how powerful these women are. You give them great strength in your description of their female form. Well done.

  4. Great descriptions, really captured the physicallity, sensuality and savery of the ritual. A whole world has been captured! I agree that the repetition of the word head causes confusion and it would flow better without the 2nd one.

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